Friends hope to help Petrolia man waiting for transplant

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Lorrie Bristol just wants to help one of the nicest men she knows.

The owner of Riggers Bar and Grill is one of the people behind Power for the Pump – a fundraiser for Terry Wellington.

Wellington has been on a heart transplant list for two years but in November his other organs began to fail. The only alternative doctors had to keep him alive was to operate and put in a left ventricle assist device.

Wellington had the operation in December and will take four months to recover from the operation before he can go back on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

“He’s at home now,” says Bristol “and he has to rely on a constant supply of power to keep the device going.”

Bristol says there is a special battery pack he can wear, but that will only last two hours. “But he has to be able to charge the batteries.”

So on Saturday Riggers will be hosting Power the Pump, a fundraiser Bristol hopes will raise enough money to buy a generator and pay for it to be installed so Wellington doesn’t have to worry when the power goes off.

And she hopes there will be a little left over to help cover some of the expenses which have accumulated during Wellington’s illness.

Bristol says Wellington is a “very shy kind of fellow” and doesn’t like added attention. But she says it is something she wants to do for a man who has always been there for her family.

“He is just a generous, kind man…He loves motorcycles – he’s always been a Harley man …and his whole life has changed because of this,” says Bristol.

“When we bought the (bar), when we were trying to get set up, even though he wasn’t feeling up to par, he would help…anytime I call him, he’s always there.

Bristol says she hopes the fundraiser will help relieve some of the stress caused by wondering if the power will go out.


Power for the Pump

Saturday at 3 to 7 pm

Riggers on Albany Street

Featuring Pumphouse from 4 to 6pm

There will also be a silent auction