Plympton-Wyoming Historical Society wants to honour those who served


Don Poland wants to make sure everyone from Plympton-Wyoming who served in the First World War is recognized.

The president of the Plympton-Wyoming Historical Society says they are searching for details of people who served for a new exhibit for the local museum.

“There are four names on our cenotaph in Camlachie and I think there are four names on the Wyoming one, were doing some research on these names,” says Poland. “We want to find out who these people were, where did they live, what did they do and where their families are now.”

But they’re also trying to find others who were members of the Royal Canadian Regiment.

“There must have been other people from Plympton-Wyoming who were involved…it would be nice to at least to know the names of these people who made it back in one piece.”

Poland says the historical society thought it would be appropriate to honour the soldiers on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the war. The group already has a uniform from the era and plan to explain the soldiers live during the First World War. There will also be a display of the current military’s life.

The historical society hopes to have the display ready for Open Doors Lambton on June 21, which will also be the opening of the new museum in the Camlachie Library.