Hospice looking for people to visit people in Petrolia


The days for Lynn Horbostel get very long.

The Petrolia woman is living with a chronic heart condition. A year ago, doctors gave her little chance of survival and sent her to St. Joseph’s Hospice in Sarnia for support.

But Horbostel improved and is living at home, making trips to Sarnia to be part of the hospice’s day programs where she meets others dealing with long-term illness.

There is a chance to talk, learn more about pain management, share a good meal and be entertained. “I like the socializing and the food,” she says with a grin. “It’s nice getting together with people in the same predicament.”

But it is a struggle for Horbostel. She isn’t allowed to drive anymore because her vision is failing. Her friends who are able to drive her are elderly and she doesn’t want to bother them all the time. So she can’t get out as much as she’d like. “It gets lonely sitting there by yourself.”

Lisa Adams, Living Life Well Program Coordinator, says she would love to be able to line up a volunteer visitor for the 63 year old. “The Volunteer Visitor is some who just comes for a friendly visit with one person,” says Adams. “It gives people a little company who live alone or it helps other family members who may want to get out to do some errands.”

Right now there are volunteers willing to serve in Sarnia, but not Petrolia. Adams hopes by explaining the program, some people with a heart for giving might come forward to help.

It’s something Horbostel would like too.  “It would be nice for someone to come out and take me out to Timmies.”

For more information about the Volunteer Visitor program call St. Joseph’s Hospice at 519-337-0537.