Sixty more trucks likely to be on the roads if Waste Management gets to bring in double the waste to Watford


Officials with Waste Management says the biggest change residents around the Twin Creeks landfill would notice if it is successful in doubling the amount of waste coming to the site will be increased noise and truck traffic.

The company has been operating the 102 hectare site since 2009 and brings in up to 750,000 tonnes of waste per year or 20 million cubic meters.

But officials say with the Petrolia landfill now slated to close sometime this summer – it’s likely now in August – the company needs more space.

Waste Management Director of Operations Reid Cleland says right now about the company brings about 500,000 tonnes of waste to the Watford landfill and 365,000 tonnes to Petrolia.  “Between Petrolia and Twin Creeks we did over 780,000 tonnes of waste so there is obviously not enough capacity,” he says. Cleland says some of the companies that have been using the Petrolia site will have to be diverted further afield than Twin Creeks. That means when the Petrolia site does close, just to meet current demand it will need to increase the amount allowed in the site.

Waste Management is asking the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to allow up to 1.4 million tonnes – nearly double what it now accepts. “We want to maintain our current customers and grow the business,” he says.

“We are a business we want to continue to serve our customers and grow the business at the same time,” he says adding Waste Management the amount of waste coming to the site would build over time.

“As a province, we ship three million tonnes of waste into Michigan and New York State last year, so there is a need for additional capacity.

Officials at an open house at Twin Creeks Thursday says the landfill can handle the added trash, it would simply fill the site at a faster rate.

The big impact would be on the noise, dust and truck traffic in the area. Waste Management is working on studies on those factors as it works to get the MOECC’s approval on the project.

Statistics presented to residents at the meeting show there is a potential for up to eight more transports an hour entering the site if the full capacity is used. Right now there are 11 transports a day making their way to Twin Creeks. That could mean instead of 88 trucks on the road to the site each day, there would be 152.

Officials say there is a standard to meet for each of the areas and if Waste Management doesn’t meet them, it would have to provide a mitigation plan. That could include lowering the amount of waste coming to the site.

Cleland says it will likely take nine to 12 months to submit the reports for the request and then find out if the MOECC approves the increase or if it wants more information before making a decision.

After that the company will need a permit from the ministry.