Petrolia in Bloom “Bee a Pollinator” program launched


Flowers should be springing up all over Petrolia this year.
It’s an effort to help pollinators thrive. The Bee a Pollinator program will encourage residents to plant flowers which will be food for the monarch butterflies and honey bees. Bees need wildflower pollen and nectar to stay healthy so planting wildflowers is an easy way to help the bees, say committee members. The committee adds avoiding the use of garden pesticides will also help the butterflies.
Starting May 25 at the Petrolia Farmers’ Market, the Petrolia in Bloom committee will be offering residents free Mammoth Russian Sunflower seeds. They’ll also be selling Help the Monarch and Help the Pollinators kits from the Canadian Wildlife Federation for $15. The kits will also be sold at Windover Nurseries with all the proceeds going back to the Petrolia in Bloom Committee to continue the Bee a Pollinator program.
The committee hopes to give out 10,000 sunflower seeds.


  1. I just wanted to applaud all those involved like Windover Nurseries and the members of the Petrolia in Bloom Committee. I have been following the plight of the declining bee population for a number of years and have spoken to the head beekeeper at the largest university in our area where he oversees the bees at the university farm. He educated me about so many facts – too numerous to mention here – but basically how desperate the situation is to protect and increase the bee population for the sake of our food supply especially.

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