Enniskillen done trash talking; implementing a litter bylaw


Blake Ellis
Local Journalism Initiative

Ennskillen councillors are tired of the trash strewn across the municipality.
They’ve agreed to implement a littering bylaw to control the mess.
Municipal staff has picked up building materials, household furnishings and yard waste, which have been dumped along municipal roads in the township this year. The township doesn’t have a littering bylaw so there is no way to fine anyone.
The draft bylaw would make it an offence to dump items along municipal lands and roads as well as private property.
Approval by a regional judge of the short form wording for the provincial offences tickets will be the next step, as council can’t pass the bylaw until this is done.
The draft bylaw sets out a $300 fine for littering on any municipal land, road or private property.
Clerk/Treasurer Duncan McTavish doesn’t feel littering in the township is getting any worse, it just gets annoying.
“It is quite remote to catch anyone,” said McTavish, but this will allow the municipality to give an individual a ticket if needed.

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