Timmies truck parking could cost $116K


It will cost over $115,000 to put a parking spot for transports on Nauvoo Line near the Watford Tim Hortons.

Warwick Township council asked Lambton County to consider putting up traffic lights at Nauvoo and Confederation and creating transport parking on both sides of the road.
At the Aug. 14 council meeting, Steven Taylor, of BT Engineering which was working on the project for the county said the intersection doesn’t meet provincial standards for traffic lights. Taylor added having trucks park on both sides of the street “may result in reduced sight lines” for drivers.

Taylor estimated it would cost $116,211 to build an oversized parking spot on the west side of Nauvoo and extending the sidewalk to the spot. It would cost $206,000 to create spots on both sides.

Warwick Mayor Todd Case said the trucks are parking in the area now, and if there were a designated parking spot, there could be enforcement to limit the practice.