Former Petrolia reeve, LCCVI teacher and ‘proud Lancer’ Inglis dies

Doug Inglis

A former reeve of Petrolia and the teacher who educated a generation of Nicol scholars about the man behind the scholarship has passed away.

Doug Inglis died Sunday at Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital in Petrolia.

Inglis was born in St. Thomas and, as a member of a military family, moved around Canada as his father was transferred to different RCAF bases. He returned to St. Thomas to finish high school, went to the University of Western Ontario and then landed in Petrolia where he taught history, geography and the law.

He was also active as a coach. His favourite sport was curling but he also coached junior football and hockey.

After he retired, Inglis published a biography of Harold Robert Nicol – the founder of the highly sought after Helen Kavanagh Nicol Scholarship at LCCVI.

Each June, as the top students at the high school were honoured, Inglis would take a few moments to tell the scholars about the man who made their scholarship possible.

Inglis also wrote columns for both the Petrolia Topic and the Sarnia Observer.

He also served as a Petrolia town councillor from 1978 to 1982 and then as the head of council as reeve from 1982 to 1985.

The flag at Petrolia Town Hall will hang at half staff for five days in his honour.

His family writes in his obituary that Inglis was a “proud Lancer” to the end.