Warwick declares a state of emergency in the wake of flooding

Highway 402 between Nauvoo Road and Kerwood Road Aug. 23.

Warwick Township has declared a state of emergency following Wednesday’s heavy rains.

Mayor Todd Case made the declaration after five inches of rain fell washing out roads and flooding basements.

Wednesday evening seven roads were closed – including Highway 402 between Kerwood and Watford – due to flooding. A number in rural Warwick including Zion Line remain closed.

In a news release, Case said there will be significant financial impact on the community.

“While we are fortunate that the situation does not pose a threat to public safety, financial loss is going to be huge,” Mayor Case said. “By declaring an emergency, we can raise public awareness and provide flexibility to call on partners to assist in the response if necessary.

Numerous homes and businesses experienced water backup and the Warwick Conservation Area has been closed with campers being assisted to vacate the property Case said.

One of two main roads at the conservation area washed out in Warwick. Campers were told to stay on their site until officials found a way to help.

Ken Phillips, general manager of the St Clair Region Conservation Authority said at 2 pm Thursday the road has reopened after the water receded.
At AW Campbell Conservation Area near Alvinston, campers are hanging tight as the water there is still too high to allow people to cross over the bridge and use the only entrance to the park. Phillips says if someone must leave AW Campbell, the conservation authority staff can help them get to the main road, however, someone will have to pick them up there since there is no vehicle access right now.

It’s not clear how long the water will remain high in Alvinston, however Phillips says there is a flood watch in effect after 124 mm of rain fell in Warwick and another 109 mm fell in Lambton Shores. Some of that rainfall will increase the flow of the Sydenham River.

And he said, more rain is forecast for tonight.

It appears there were no injuries in Lambton County however OPP say one man died in a single car accident near Glencoe on Dundonald Road around 10 pm. A transport truck had fallen through the road. The truck driver died at the scen the OPP said in an online video.

Officers said Dundonald between Buttonwood and Carolinian Road for a number of weeks.