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Warwick OKs plan for Y to run gym

Warwick Township’s new community hall will have a fitness centre and it will be run by the YMCA. Council has been working on plans for replacing the aging Centennial Hall for years. Monday, it gave approval to include a gym facility and to sign an agreement for the YMCA to run it. Including the fitness… Read more »

Burn permits on line in Brooke-Alvinston

People in Brooke-Alvinston planning to big fire will soon be able to get their burn permits on line. Starting Sept. 1, residents who need a permit can go online to to apply. You’ll get a approval notification and then, just before they start the fire, they call 226-778-3636 to activate the permit. Officials say… Read more »

Plympton-Wyoming farmer plants sunflowers to honour Max

The six rolling acres of sunflowers in front of Brian Schoonjans’ Douglas Line home remind him of Max Rombouts. Max was two and the son of one of his seed customers, Kevin and Jamie Rombouts. Just days after he was born, doctors found out the little boy had leukemia. There was treatment for more than… Read more »

Wetlands to be encouraged in Petrolia’s Bridgeview Park

A large part of a Petrolia park may soon be a wetland. Bridgeview Park floods each season with the water slowly receding into Bear Creek. When the town rebuilt Petrolia Line several years ago, the Ministry of the Environment said a storm water holding pond needed to be installed in the park for the run… Read more »