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Brooke-Alvinston council vows to fight to save bank to close in May

Frank Nemcek wants Brooke-Alvinston to “put up a fight” to save its lone bank. Customers of the Bank of Montreal in Alvinston received a form letter in the mail last week saying by May 17, 2019, the Alvinston branch “will be moving” to Watford. Nemcek, a Brooke-Alvinston councillor, had heard rumblings of the possible closure,… Read more »

High Park plans to fix cannabis stink: Marriott

Relief may be on the way from strong odours at the Lasalle Line cannabis greenhouse. Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott says High Park Farms has told the municipality it plans to have a carbon filtration system to stop odours from entering the atmosphere as soon as the end of November. Neighbours have been living with skunk-like… Read more »

A place for people like Mike

The moments OPP told Lori de Bruyn her son had died by suicide, she knew she had to do something to help other people dealing with depression. So the Warwick Township woman set up the Mike Harvey Foundation and will soon open an office in Trinity Anglican Church to help find information about mental health… Read more »

Marijuana odours a growing problem as rec market blossoms

Cathy Brand was desperate. The freshly-killed skunk smell permeated everything in around her home. It was so strong, her grandson, nose covered with his jacket, asked how she lived here when it smelled so bad. Brand dialed the phone and invited politicians and The Independent to come a “smell the hell I live in.” The… Read more »