Weird weather leads to cleanup at Oil Springs Youth Centre

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The Oil Springs Youth Centre has undergone extensive cleaning after weird weather caused a problem with mould.

Town officials say the heavy rainfall at the beginning of the month coupled with a week of high humidity lead to the problem.

Karen Cook, deputy clerk and treasurer of the village, says town staff checked the hall one day in July and found mould on the walls, tables, floors, baseboards and under the stage. Cook isn’t sure how long the mould was there since July is not a busy month for rentals at the Youth Centre. “The amount of rainfall in July, along with the humidity triggered the mould,” she says.

Council toured the centre recently to get a first hand look at the problem. Councilors then approved the extensive cleaning of the hall, including power washing with a mould-killing solution. Two dehumidifiers were also purchased to prevent any problems in the future.

Councilors also agreed that some of the rooms in the centre needed a new coat of paint to prepare it for the busy rental season.

Cook says the damage is not covered by insurance, since there was not an emergency and if it was, the cost to repair the damage is less than the village’s deductable of $5,000.