Welsh wants to see kids government in action


Petrolia Councilor Liz Welsh would like to bring town council to soon-to-be voters.

The week of Oct. 20 is local government week and Welsh wants town staff to look into the possibility of changing a council regular evening meeting to the day to allow elementary school students to attend and find out what local government is all about.

“Let’s investigate a daytime meeting so the civic class can see government in action,” she asked local councilors Monday. “Or we could bring our meeting to a classroom in the high school.”

Welsh says it may be the only opportunity the students have to go to a council meeting. “Unless the teacher brings them at night, it is unlikely they will come,” she added.

Brooke-Alvinston Council meets at the local elementary school during local government week.

Petrolia staff will examine the possibility and report back to council.

– The Independent Staff