Boom Town series becomes weekend festival


Petrolia Discovery will come alive with history as the Lambton Young Theatre Players bring to life fictional stories of the Boom Town Days.

The theatre group’s artistic director, Nancy Keys, came up with the Boom Town Series. In past two years, the young people have put on two events featuring characters of the past, Bad Guys in Boom Town and Queen Victoria Visits Boom Town as joint fundraisers for the theatre group and Petrolia Discovery.

The plays have now morphed into a weekend-long event on Saturday and Sunday. Lambton Young Theatre Players will put on The Bloomer Brigade as part of the event but there will also be craft vendors, live dance and music among the oil rigs, site tours, food and Victorian children’s games.

Keys says the 20 actors are “really pumped; they’re so excited” about the opportunity to perform outdoors.

“The Petrolia Discovery site is a wonderful venue, and there’s a certain magic about it that makes an instant impression on everyone who goes there,” says Keys.

“We just want people to get down to the site and have a good time,” she adds.

The event has historical overtones, but Keys says it is not reenactment.

“We don’t get into the heavy history of it, places, names, dates…bring out some social activities of the day…It is the lighter side of it.”

The gates open at 12 noon and tickets are $6 for youth and $8 for adults. The events Saturday run from 1 pm until 7 pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm. For more information see or

– Heather Wright