Temp worker loses foot after on-the-job accident

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The Ministry of Labour is investigating after worker at a Petrolia manufacturing facility was injured on the job.

The incident happened three weeks ago, but is only coming to light because The Independent questioned the ministry about the incident.

William Lin, spokesperson for the Ministry of Labour says on Oct. 9 the ministry was “notified by the OPP of an incident at SofSurfaces Inc.” on Tank Street in Petrolia.

“While cleaning a piece of equip a worker was injured when the workers foot was caught by a moving press,” says Lin adding the worker “sustained a serious injury.”  Sources tell The Independent the right foot of the work had to be amputated because of the accident.

Lin says the injured worker is a temporary worker employed by Express Personnel.

The Ministry went to SofSurface on the day of the accident to begin the investigation. Lin says several orders were issued to the company to deal with guarding equipment and floor conditions. Orders were also issued to Express Personnel “related to training of hazards in the workplace.”

Lin says the investigation is continuing and “part of the investigation is to make sure the orders have been complied with.”

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the ministry has up to one year to lay charges in a workplace accident but Lin says at this time it is too early to say if charges are warranted in this case.

“Much to early to speculate if charges will be laid,” he told The Independent. “Investigators are looking to see if there were violations of the health and safety laws…and there will be a full and thorough investigation to determine what lead to the incident.”