German director impressed with local theatre group


The cast of Till Beth Do Us Part take to the VPP stage  Nov. 14


A German exchange student working with Petrolia Community Theatre on its upcoming production is impressed by the dedication and level of professionalism he’s seeing.

Max Hirch is a Grade 11 student on exchange from Germany who is attending LCCVI. He began his acting career at 11 in Germany where officials recognized his talent. “They saw at the time that he’s al little kid with talent and we want to take his talent and make whatever big talent we can.”

Hirsh taken special courses, been coached by an American vocal coach , and has directed bigger productions at Art Houses such as Romeo and Juliet and Evita.

So when his next-door neighbour in Petrolia suggested he meet members of the Petrolia Community Theatre group he was excited. He began working with them on the coming show ‘Till Beth do us Part’ and has been impressed.

“It’s like a family situation…a really great in atmosphere,” says Hirsh. “It is really good talent and the work on a really high level…The level they work on is the level we see at professional theater and opera in Germany…and all of them are volunteers. Nobody gets paid.

“I’m really impressed that they have so many volunteer to get involved.”

That’s something Hirsh hopes to bring back to theater when he returns home to Germany this summer. “In Germany, every village has a theater…it is one of the biggest theatre landscape in the world,” Hirsch says noting very few people have the opportunity to be trained like he has. “This is a treasure I have.

“When I come back to Germany, I want to change something. I want to work more as a volunteer like this theatre group….to give small opportunities for people with no education (in theatre)…to be involved in theatre.

“I think it is a great idea when someone has the ambition and wants to make (do) something like this.”

Petrolia Community Theatre’s production ‘Till Beth Do Us Part’ opens Nov. 14  at the Victoria Playhouse Petrolia. Tickets are available by calling the box office.