Alvinston getting a fibre optic network in 2015


Alvinston is about to go high speed.

Brooke Telecom has committed to investing $1 million in the community to build a fibre optic infrastructure network.

The company which spent two years building a fibre optic network in Watford is turning its sights on the community down Nauvoo Road.

“We will be building a complete fibre optic network from scratch,” says General Manager Jim Janssens.

“There are 375 addresses in Alvinston and we’re estimating we’re going to get a good take up rate,” he says, adding the new network will provide, internet, phone and television services.

“People in Alvinston have said they’re interested in having us come there to provide services.”

Brooke-Alvinston Mayor Don McGugan says the municipality has been asking the local telecommunications company about the possibility for five years since there is limited service in the community.

“There are lots of problems here – for Bell telephone – people tell me if something wrong with phone can’t get anyone for three weeks.”

McGugan says will be a positive for the community. “I hope our municipality buys into it. I know the businesses will love it…for anyone with an at-home business, this puts them in touch with the world.”

Brooke Telecom has already chosen a contractor for the work saying the contractor will use directional drilling to install the network to reduce the amount of mess in the community.

Work is expected to begin on the project in May. “We’re happy to provide services to the people in Alvinston by the end of September the construction work should be done and connections start in November,” says Janssens.