Landfill closure now slated for as late as 2019

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The closure date keeps changing on the Petrolia landfill site.

That was what Enniskillen Township council learned at its recent council meeting.

Deputy Mayor Mary Lynne McCallum she learned at a recent Waste Management Citizen Liaison Committee meeting the latest report now shows the landfill will reach capacity in three to four years making the actual closure date sometime in 2018-2019. She noted that a forensics study is underway. The landfill has been slated to close since 2013  when it was first expected to reach capacity.

Councillors agree regardless of the date of closure they need to be prepared and find a new place for the township’s waste when township residents can no-longer use the Petrolia landfill for free.

Mayor, Kevin Marriott, wants residents input prior to council making any decisions.

“What I would like to see is some sort of poll,” he says. The township may build a collection depot or start a curbside service. Either option is pricey. The environmental process to put up a depot could cost $100,000 and curbside service is likely to cost more than that each year.

Administrator Duncan McTavish will prepare a report for council to outline options and costs involved to use in a survey to send out to residents with water bills.