Petrolia woman warns of scammers posing as Revenue Canada

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It was a call that almost caught Carol Graham.

The Petrolia woman wants to warn her neighbours after a scammer posing as someone from the Canada Revenue Agency tried to fast talk her into paying $12,000 in “back taxes.”

Graham says the call came on the heels of tax time and she knew her financials were up to date. But the number on the phone was from Ottawa and “I thought – okay; there might be some validity there.”

Graham says the man “talked so quickly didn’t give you a chance to ask questions in between.” He said there was a warrant out for her arrest because she hadn’t paid her 2011 taxes and she could be thrown in jail.

“He said, ‘Do not hang up , you will be arrested if you hang up.’”

When Graham could get a word in edgewise, she asked for proof he was from Revenue Canada – when he pointed to the Ottawa phone number as proof  it was enough evidence for her to hang up the phone.

But she’s worried other people might not be so sure. “If he contacted anyone with any doubt at all….I thought I paid that…if they had any doubt at all this guy would really be able to work you into a state of panic.”

Graham called police and the anti-fraud hotline who confirmed it was a scam. And she wants others to be aware so they won’t be trapped.

“He was just so pushy and aggressive – I thought ‘O boy, if anyone had a little bit of a doubt, their hearts would be pounding.”




One Response to “Petrolia woman warns of scammers posing as Revenue Canada”

  1. Melissa

    He called me as well. He had the exact amount of taxes that I did owe a few years ago and have paid off. He gave me his badge number and a case number which was identical to his badge number. He told me if I told any 3rd party (including my husband) I would be arrested. He gave me 5 very legal sounding crimes against me. I told him I wanted to confirm with my local police who he was and he became very irate at this confrontation. He insisted that I immediately go to the nearest ATM and withdraw the money and then he would tell me how to get it to him. (Red Flag, big time, the government doesn’t work that way) He insisted that he needed my cell phone number so that I could stay on the line as it was being monitored and GPS tracking was on both my home phone and cell phone so he would know where I was. I finally hung up on him when he got really pushy and told me that he had other people in my situation that he needed to deal with. He called me back three times (although he said if I hung up I would be arrested). His third call he left a voice mail telling me he would be sending the police to arrest me in 45 minutes. I am still in my own home, no one came to arrest me and if he calls back….well, I only hope he doesn’t.