Ready to answer your questions


Jay Carruthers and Atlee Williams are ready to answer all your questions about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors this summer.

The pair are working for the North Enniskillen/Petrolia Fire Department in the summer months and will, among other things, go door-to-door to check people’s devices and explain the rules about carbon monoxide detectors. It’s now law to have one in your home.

Carruthers has worked for the department for a number of summers and has helped spread the word about smoke detectors since he became a firefighter in 2007. “General people, for the most part, are happy to have us,” he says. “As much as we push (the importance of detectors), people don’t check them. Usually, they’re happy to have us get up on a stool or a ladder to check them.”

Carruthers adds the pair won’t be enforcing any of the laws, just simply getting people thinking about protecting their families.

Williams, who is a junior firefighter in Dawn-Euphemia, is excited for the challenge. “I like being out with the fire department and I like being out in the community seeing people and talking to people,” he says.

The pair will also be helping with the department’s Junior Firefighter program which starts July 22.