An eye on Wyoming talent


Emma Whiting and Lauren Armstrong’s eyes are riveted on a young Highland dancer in the centre of the room.

Norah Stephens, 8, of Petrolia is kicking up her heels in the hopes of gaining a spot in Wyoming’s Got Talent. The competition is in its second year and the organizers – Whiting and Armstrong – take their job of selecting just the right people for the competition very seriously.

Monday, they watched singers and dancers at the Wyoming Fire Hall in the hopes of finding just the right people to make the show a success. The pair will be there again Saturday, listening to those who have already scheduled appointments between 10 am and 4 pm or to prospects who come in at the last minute.

Last year – the show’s inaugural year – Whiting and Armstrong interviewed 20 people for the 10 spots. They’re expecting more applicants this year.

“It’s so hard,” says Whiting. “We see the most beautiful little kids coming through.”

Those little kids will now have a special prize of their own – the Junior Star. “How do you compare little kids with a 20 year old with a guitar who knows what they’re doing?” says Armstrong noting this year there will be four spots for the youngest competitors and six spots for people 16 and over. The prize is $500.

While the pair have set audition times, they’re willing to work with people who aren’t available Saturday saying they have gone to watch potential contestants while they were on stage in the area. They’ve also taken YouTube entries. “We’re pretty flexible.”

The main competition is Sept. 19 during the Plympton Wyoming Fall Fair.