Toddler struck by SUV had “minor” injuries: OPP


The toddler hit by an SUV on Petrolia’s main street had only minor injuries according to Lambton OPP.

Thursday morning, a woman pushing a stroller across King Street was hit by a SUV turning off Petrolia Line.

Police say the car had come to a stop and then turned striking the pedestrians.

They add it was a “low impact collision”.

The 18-month old toddler was taken to hospital and received treatment for what OPP say were “minor injuries.”

Police are still investigating but have not laid any charges yet.


Investigation revealed that the car had come to a stop and then commenced a turning motion prior to striking the pedestrians.  This was also a low impact collision.  The pedestrians, one of which was an 18 month old child, were transported to Hospital and received medical treatment for minor injuries.  With regard to charges, the OPP investigation is ongoing.