Gates open today for “The Granddaddy of Them All” in Brigden


The Independent Staff

Thousands are expected in Brigden this weekend as the fall favourite is set to roll this Thanksgiving Weekend.

Students will begin coming to the fairgrounds on Friday for agriculture in the classroom. It is likely there will be fewer students on the grounds because of the work to rule campaign by elementary school teachers.

Saturday, the parade winds its way from the Brigden Side Road in the village at noon to make its way into the fairgrounds.

All the traditional fair events will be front and centre including livestock shows, entertainment and the largest midway set up during Lambton County’s fairs.

And there will also be some unusual events including lumberjack shows, balloon making workshops, the Ultimate Dog Stunt show and on Saturday night at 8 pm, The Mudmen will perform.

The Brigden Fair draws up to 50,000 people over the weekend. It has a long and storied history – here are some of the highlights of the recent past:

1 Feb. 19, 1958, the female volunteers organized and became a division of the Moore Agricultural Society with their own executive. Their first hospitality kitchen has expanded and now has an extensive menu to attract the tastes of many fair goers. The ladies strive to have a varied list of items for the exhibitors at the fair also.

1 Amy (Poland) Dawson was responsible for designing the first logo for the Brigden Fair in 1958.

1 In 1959, Brigden Fair becomes a two day fair held on Thanksgiving Weekend. Until then, it had been a one day fair held on the 1st Wednesday in October.

1 In 1973, the Brigden Fair was expanded to a three day fair.

1 In 1987, “Early Morning Down on the Farm” officially became the property of the Moore Agricultural Society. Nicknamed “THE PLOUGHMAN” he stands on guard at the original main gate of the Brigden Fair.

1 In 1987, The Society advanced into the modern technological era when it purchased its first computer.

1 In 1991 “The Poughman” left his home in Brigden and safely travelled to the site of the International Plowing Match which was held just west of Petrolia and was returned to his home where he stands now.