Plympton-Wyoming talks smaller farm lots


The discussion over farm lot sizes in Plympton-Wyoming is not over yet.

Recently, Lambton County councillors agreed to allow individual municipalities to decide the lot size for farms. Previously, the county had mandated all farm lots should be one hundred acres.

Plympton-Wyoming had been in support of that 100-acre benchmark and it is in the municipality’s official plan. However Mayor Lonny Napper says council has had some discussion of whether smaller farm plots should be allowed. “There are some councillors who want to see us look at smaller lot sizes,” he says. “We’re in discussion and it has been proposed and we’re looking at it – but it will take some more review yet.”

Advocates of smaller lot sizes say smaller farm sizes allow for young people to buy land. Other say it allows for niche farming like organic operations or vegetable production which doesn’t need a massive land base.

Napper says he’s willing to look at the idea noting a recent study done by the county shows that while the average farm in Plympton-Wyoming is about 166 acres, there are a number of smaller farms in the community already.