Dawn Euphemia to take over Cameron Cemetery


Dawn-Euphemia will soon own Cameron Cemetery.
The Cameron Cemetery in the former Euphemia Township used to be part of the Knox Presbyterian Church. The church closed in 1999 and the building was moved to the Lambton Heritage Museum.
But the historic cemetery – which dates back to 1823 – remained with residents being buried at the site as late as 2013.
After the church was removed, the site wasn’t cared for and the municipality began caring for the grounds.
The land surrounding the cemetery was recently sold to Earl and Heather Morewood. In an effort to reduce the weeds, the Morewoods tilled the land in front of the cemetery and cut off access to the grounds.
That again drew the ire of the residents.
So the township investigated and found the land was still owned by the church although it had been lumped in with the purchase of land.
Clerk Donna Clermont says the title search at the time of the sale of the property only went back 40 years. The church property dates back 150 years.
Monday night, the township met with the Morewoods, who agreed to turn the cemetery and the land leading to the road over to the municipality.
Dawn-Euphemia Council agreed to allow the couple to sever a farm plot of 68 acres to sell at a later date.
Council also rezoned the land to allow for a home to be built on it.
The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority voiced some concern about the move saying the area was known to have some species at risk and it was in a wetland area.
But township council followed the advice of its planner who said there was plenty of land which wasn’t in the area of concern to build a house. And Will Nywening added potential homeowners would have to get approval from the conservation area first in any case.
Once the deed to the cemetery is turned over the municipality will ensure the grounds are cared for and that the graves can be accessed.

Broad says the municipality would be glad to take care of the property, but  he wants to see the property turned over to Dawn-Euphemia at no cost.