Brooke-Alvinston worried about bid to make conservation authority board members scientists


The Independent Staff

Brooke-Alvinston councillors are concerned about a proposal to limit who can serve on the conservation authority boards.
Conservation authorities are independent bodies which manage wetlands in Ontario. Their boards of directors are made up of politicians from the municipalities which pay support to it. The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority has 36 members including Brooke-Alvinston.
The province is revising the rules around the authorities and is suggesting at least half of the members of the board should have a science background to serve.
That’s causing some concerns. Councillor Frank Nemcek is Brooke-Alvinston’s representative. The province hasn’t said what “scientific background” means but Nemcek believes he would no longer be able to serve.
“If that went through, I don’t think anyone on the St. Clair (Conservation Authority) board would qualify. I know I won’t qualify.”
The municipality is writing a letter to the provincial government to voice its objections.


  1. I agree it may limit some of the seats at the table ,what also has to be addressed though is the lack of farmer representation on the board . There should be a seat available for each of the general farm organizations ,Federation of Agriculture ,National Farmers Union ,and Christian Farmers .
    The farmers are the single largest land owning group in southern Ontario ,and they need to be represented on the Conservation Authority boards

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