Petrolia residents asked to conserve water as treatment plan upgrades continue


Petrolia residents are being asked to cut back on their water use until Sept. 15.
The Town of Petrolia has put water restrictions in place until then as it completes repairs at the town’s water source, the Bright’s Grove Treatment Plant.
The municipality is completing a number of repairs there including lengthening the pipeline which draws water from Lake Huron and surrounding the outlet with a protective steel crib.
That work has been completed but Chief Administrative Officer Manny Baron says a few problems have developed.
Screens which filter out sand and sediment were cleaned during the upgrade so Baron says the suction is a bit stronger than in the past. Couple that with the pipeline being in a new spot and there was a lot of sand coming into the plant and clogging up the system.
“We were taking the sand from further out of the intake and it was coming through the strainers quickly, quicker than we were used to and it was clogging up the system,” he tells The Independent.
Baron says the strainers have to be cleaned out one by one and that takes time.
Officials expect the amount of sand will slow soon, but until then residents are being asked to conserve water.
Town officials ask you to water plants and lawns or wash cars between the hours of 5:30 am and 10 am or between 7 pm and 11 pm.
Odd numbers homes may complete non-essential watering on odd days and even numbered homes on even days.
The town is also trying to reduce its water intake.
Petrolia in Bloom is taking water from a local pond to water the flowers and trees on the main street.
Both Dawn-Euphemia and Enniskillen who use Petrolia’s water have also been notified of the restrictions.