Vasey shows Olympic spirit with a comic twist


Bea Vasey loves the Olympics.
She and her husband spend lots of time watching the games.
They also spend time recreating some of the sports for Facebook posts.
The owner of Altered Elegance in Petrolia says four years ago she and her husband went cross country skiing in Bridgeview Park. She took a helmet and a scarf.
“I’ll pretend I am in the Olympics,” she said at the time.
They took a photo, posted it on Facebook and her friends loved it.
It was the beginning of an obsession which has spanned three Olympic games.
“It was actually started by accident,” says Vasey. “It started with that one picture and everyone went crazy.”
Vasey uses items she find around her home and business to replicate the events she’s watching.
“Everything I do is spontaneous,” she says. “I have no idea what I’m going to do today. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, it comes to me.
“Whatever happens, happens.”
Vasey has used a pot as a curling rock, an ironing board as a snow board, and reinacted pairs skating with a mannequin this year.
In the summer, Vasey was looking for pools, snorkels and waterwings to entertain the crowds.
And she is attracting a crowd. Often Vasey’s posts have well over 100 likes and people she doesn’t even know are sharing her Olympic moments.
She’s even gaining a few new friends who share her zany sense of humor.
“Everybody loves it. Everybody is laughing. People tell me it is tremendous and now people are waiting for it every day.
“I guess there is a little bit of pressure,” she laughs.
But, like an Olympic athlete, Vasey’s not about to buckle under the pressure. She loves how the Olympics brings out the best in people and that she can make people laugh with her version of the events.
“I find it is awesome the countries do get together and do what they want to do in peace, especially this year since it is in Korea,” she says adding “as long as it (her Olympic photos) make people laugh, that’s all that matters.”