Maniuk wants to be Petrolia’s mayor

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As Bob Maniuk walked out of Petrolia’s town hall, he is approached with offers to help him campaign to be the next mayor of the town.
There are offers of canvassers, donations and requests for signs as Maniuk gears up his campaign for the top job in Petrolia. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive,” says Maniuk as he poses for a picture for The Independent.
Maniuk, who served on Petrolia council from 1995 to 1997 serving on a number of committees including the fire board and the finance committee. He’s also served as on the Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital Board.

Petrolia Mayoralty Candidate Bob Maniuk

While he hasn’t been on a council for a while, Maniuk was actively interested in local politics, hosting All-Candidates Nights in the last two municipal election. And he’s been watching the difficult times at town hall as the CAO resigned after an investigation into his ownership of buildings used by the town.
“This past year has really frustrated a lot of people with the goings on in town,” he tells The Independent. “I think there have been some serious misjudgements on how things are supposed to happen in council in the way they circled the wagons…
“I like to be transparent…those who are elected to serve the Town of Petrolia, if they serve, they should be transparent and open to dialogue,” he says.

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