Christian school building $3M addition

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submitted photo John Knox Christian School in Wyoming will build an addition to its Wyoming facility which includes a new gym.

An ambitious $3.1-million expansion is in the works for John Knox Christian School in Wyoming.
According to school principal Ymko Boersma, the project – which is going forward in two phases – will see the construction of a new gymnasium and auditorium, two new classrooms, a new learning centre and library, an improved student support services areas, new office space and an enhanced entry area.
“We’ve been here 60 years,” says Boersma. “We’ve reached the point where it’s time to rejuvenate our vision.”
The new addition will improve the quality of sports at the school, Boersma says, as the current gym is too low for volleyball and basketball.
Established in 1958, John Knox Christian has a total of 147 students. Boersma says the school has a strong emphasis on Christian values and at least eight different denominations are represented within the student body.
“We work hard to meet the standards and exceed them when possible,” Boersma says, adding that John Knox positions itself as a “family school.”
Seventy-five percent of the money has already been pledged or donated, Boersma says, adding the remainder will need to be raised by the school community.
“This is an independent school,” he adds. “All funds come from parents.”
Boersma says the addition will be volunteer-driven with the school community coming together to do as much as they can to support professional contractors.
The present building on Confederation Line was constructed in 1978. The site is the school’s third location.