Celebrating Wyoming’s Ultimate Fix It Upper

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Jason Cates on his winning GoKart during the Princess Auto contest final. Photo Courtesy of Princess Auto

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper is celebrating a local celebrity.

Jason Cates – the inventor of the Rollinator – won the Princess Auto reality show “The Ultimate Figure it Outer.

Cates was one of three final contestants who made their way through a series of challenges in four shows which can be seen on the auto parts company’s website.
He made it to the final with Bryan Coughlin, 64, of Port Perry.

In the final, the pair had to build a go-kart in 24 hours. He won the competition when Coughlin’s go-kart lost a wheel. Cates admitted in the episode he was also having wheel problems but managed to hold on longer than Coughlin.

“It hasn’t really sunk in what has happened,” says Cates in the video. I can’t believe it…it’s pretty incredible.
The Wyoming man will be on the cover of the Princess Auto magazine and wins $25,000.

Napper is hosting an open house April 3 at 7 pm to celebrate Cates’ big win. Napper adds some of Cates’ inventions and the videos of the online series will be on display.

The event will take place at the Wyoming Legion