Video emerges of unprovoked attack on senior in Sarnia; teen charged


A stunning unprovoked attack in Sarnia was captured on video. And you can hear the teens laughing as an elderly man is beaten.

Monday, a 77 year old man was sitting on a bench near Ferry Dock Hill, drinking his coffee when a group of young people walked by. One of the teens slapped the victim on the side of the head and continued on down the hil.

Police in a news release say the man returned to his car, drove down the hill to speak to the teen. As the man rolled down his window, a teen punched him through the open window several times.

The elderly man got out of this car and the teen continued to hit him.

Police say during the attack, the man lost conciousness and fell to the ground and was further injured.

In the video, obtained by The Independent, you can hear the other teens at the scene laughing as the man is being beaten.

A teen has been arrested and charged with assault and assault casing bodily harm.