Pro-life sign torched in Grand Bend

A pro-life sign placed on a private lawn near Grand Bend was torched on the weekend.

John Lammers says it is obvious someone had a plan to torch a pro-life sign he’s been displaying for years.

The Wyoming man has been bringing the billboard on a farm wagon to friend’s homes for six or seven years. It urges teens to remain abstinent and the other side of the sign calls for the Canadian government to pass a law on abortion. Canada hasn’t had a formal law on abortion since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the law as unconstitutional in 1988.

Last weekend, Lammers brought the sign to Grand Bend. Twelve hours later it was destroyed by fire.

Lammers say the OPP have video of the event. Around 1 am, someone dressed in black climbs onto the wagon and gets between the two sides of the sign. The person is carrying something. Moments later, the signs are in flames. Lammers assumes gas was used since the billboard goes up in flames quickly.

“They obviously planned to do this,” says Lammers.

He’s not sure if police will find the culprit, since the video which captured the arson was quiet far away. Friends have already set up a GoFundMe page to replace the billboard.

Lammers knows abortion is a contentious issue so he simply made a statement about making government bringing in a law.

And he says he’s worried about his right to voice an opinion in Canada when he can’t even raise a fact about abortion without his sign being burned.

“I think we need to be careful that we just don’t let that degrade to a point that you’re just not allowed (freedom of speech). .. We don’t have a law in Canada. It’s like, it’s just a statement of truth. I mean, if you don’t like it, fine.”