No Lambton County wide mask bylaw


Lambton municipalities will have the freedom to choose whether masks should be mandatory in the community.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley asked county council to reconsider a county-wide mandatory mask policy. Only Bradley, Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley, and Sarnia City/County Councillor David Boushy wanted to discuss the idea again.

There was no discussion about motion.

Currently, Sarnia, Point Edward, Petrolia and Lambton Shores have passed mandatory mask bylaw.

Here’s how the Lambton County Councillors voted

Yes, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, Sarnia City County Councillor David Boushey, Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley.

No; Dawn-Euphemia Mayor Al Broad, Lambton Shores Deputy Mayor Doug Cook, Brooke-Alvinston Mayor David Ferguson, Pt Edward Mayor Bev Hand, Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott, St. Clair Deputy Mayor Steve Miller, Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper, Warwick Mayor Jackie Rombouts, Sarnia City/County Councillor Mike Stark, Oil Springs Mayor Brian White, St. Clair Steve Arnold, Sarnia City/County Councillor Margaret Bird, and Warden Bill Weber – who is also the mayor of Lambton Shores.