Kilner wants to be NDP candidate in Sarnia Lambton in the wake of Gladu’s conversion therapy petition

Adam Kilner with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh before the last federal election. Kilner - who was the NDP candidate in Sarnia-Lambton - is seeking the nomination for the next election. Submitted photo

Adam Kilner intends to run as the Sarnia-Lambton NDP candidate in the next federal election after Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu’s petition to change the Liberals bill to ban conversion therapy.

“You deserve an MP who fights for every member of our community. One who believes in justice and progress. One who will make you proud in Ottawa,” said Kilner in a social media post. 

Kilner ran second to Gladu in the 2018 vote. She won the race by over 16,000 votes over the NDP candidate.

Kilner recently has been raising concerns about the petition filed by MP Gladu in Parliament which called for the Liberals to either clarify a bill which would ban conversion therapy or scrap it. 

Gladu said she presented the petition on behalf of a constituent however a letter written to local churches by the MP explains concerns the bill will limit religious freedoms to talk to people about their “sexual confusion.”

Gladu had said the majority of the churches in Sarnia-Lambton supported the petition. It had been signed by 169 people.

Kilner, who is the pastor of Dunlop United Church in Sarnia, raised concern about the premise of the petition. And his candidacy is a result of the MPs actions, he says in a social media post.

“The last few weeks have shown us for certain that Marilyn Gladu does not represent our values,” says Kilner.

“You deserve an MP who fights for every member of our community. One who believes in justice and progress. One who will make you proud in Ottawa…because this community deserves an MP who will serve and respect the inclusive values of Sarnia-Lambton residents,” he added.

“An unprecedented number of people are speaking out against Ms. Gladu’s petition to the House of Commons seeking to alter or withdraw Bill C6.. Altering or withdrawing the bill will harm LGBTQ+ people.”

A petition calling on Gladu to resign on over the petition has been signed by over 3,600 people.

The NDP nomination meeting in Sarnia-Lambton will be held virtually March 1.

The Liberals lead a minority government. There has been speculation there may be snap election during the pandemic however the prime minister has side stepped the issue, saying only it is a possibility.

Gladu, who is the president of the Queen’s Privy Council for the opposition Conservatives, was acclaimed to run for the next federal election in December.