Appeal in the works to stop Bird Lane construction

Mockingbird Lane in Plympton-Wyoming's Bird Lane neighbourhood.

The Independent

Plympton-Wyoming neighbourhood is banding together to stop a developer from splitting a lot in two.
Tim Dillon bought a home in what’s called the Bird Lanes. The lots there are larger than many in new subdivisions. Some have up to 160 feet of frontage.
He wants to create two lots with frontage of about 70 feet each and build two houses.
But neighbours say it isn’t in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood. Over 90 per cent of the community signed a petition asking Plympton-Wyoming to halt the project.
But, the majority of council felt there was no legal reason to turn down the application. Councillor Mike Vasey argued allowing the smaller lots would change the neighbourhood. He added there were plenty of subdivisions with smaller lots and the Bird Lanes is a unique area.
The argument didn’t sway council.
So now, the neighbours are getting together again to send the application to the Local Planning Advisory Committee. It reviews zoning decisions.
Hearings at L-PAC can take months to be decided.
Until then, the development will have to wait.

In the meantime, the town has put together an official plan amendment to stop the practice from occurring again; it will be discussed in mid-April.