One slippery fire call in Dawn-Euphemia

About 13 snakes were removed from a well in Dawn-Euphemia by Brooke-Alvinston firefighters during the investigation of a potential gas leak.

Brooke-Alvinston firefighters got a little more than they bargained for when they were called to a gas leak Monday.

Deputy Chief Kris Redick says they were called to a home in Dawn-Euphemia after a resident smelled gas. As they investigated, they opened the water well to find over a dozen snakes in the pit.

“It reminded me of the scene from Indiana Jones, there were so many and they were crawling all over,” he says.

Brooke-Alvinston firefighter Rachel Bryans helps one of the snakes out of a well in Dawn-Euphemia.

Redick says one of the firefighters, Rachel Bryans, is “Mother Nature” and loves all things living. She got right in there and started saving the snakes.

“We lowered sticks and tools down and they eventually slithered up…we let them free in the bush.” About 13 snakes were freed. A few died in the well.

Redick admits this is one of the “top five” unusual calls he’s been to over the years. And he says it was interesting to see “people I never would think would run away, run away” when snakes were revealed.