Plympton-Wyoming settles with second dismissed firefighter

Jason 'Bubba' Lyon seen here in the cab of a new fire truck in 2019. Lyon has reached a settlement with the Town of Plympton-Wyoming.

Town acknowledges Lyon’s long service to community

Plympton-Wyoming has reached a resolution with another former Wyoming firefighter.

The town issued a news release saying it had reached a “resolution of all issues related to the cessation of Mr. Lyon’s employment with the town’s fire department.”

Lyon was one of three senior firefighters let go in Feb. 2020. Wyoming District Chief Jeff Scott, Lieutenant Carrie Ann Wilson and Lyon – a firefighter and paramedic with about 26 years of service, were let go after two human resources investigations.

Scott, Lyon and Wilson later told The Independent it was a case of wrongful dismissal. Wilson says she was being harassed on the job and filed a sexual harassment complaint. Lyon had defended her to the then Chief Steve Clemens. Scott said he had always told the chief his opinion plainly, including when he was wrong

Scott reached a settlement with the town Dec. 2020. There was no official comment other than the settlement had been reached.

Lyon’s settlement is similar. The terms of it have not been released. The town did acknowledge the training officer’s long service. “The Town of Plympton-Wyoming would like to thank Mr. Lyon for his years of dedicated service to the community. In addition, it is confirmed that Mr. Lyon’s departure from the Town was effected on a ‘without cause’ basis.” That is a term used in employment law which means they are being let go, but not for significant workplace misconduct.

A statement from the town says neither the town nor Lyon will comment further.

However, at least one former firefighter who retired in the wake of the dismissal of Scott, Lyon and Wilson spoke his mind on social media.

“It has been a long road,” said Mike McGrail, who was one of four firefighters to resign immediately after the three were released. “We are glad to see that the town has issued a thank you to Bubba (Lyon) for his years of dedicated service and acknowledged his wrongful dismissal.

“Bubba’s experience as a paramedic doubled with his passion for the service made him a strong asset to the department. Bubba volunteered many extra hours helping at the firehall , working at community events, and supporting other firefighters,” McGrail added.

Wyoming residents also added thanks to Lyon. “Thank you for your dedication and years of service. Happy the wrong has been corrected finally,” said Lois McGrail.

“Bubba was a huge asset to the department and we’re so happy this has finally been resolved,” says Joanne Hoeksema.

The legal issues around Wilson’s dismissal are still outstanding.

Clemens has since resigned and been replaced by Darryl Thompson.