Napper asks what Lambton can do to make PW intersection safer

One person was taken to hospital after a motorcycle and a car collided at the corner of London Line and Forest Road June 13. It's sparked more calls for the county to look at safety enhancements for the area.

London Line/Forest Road intersection report coming in the fall

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper is voicing concerns after another accident at the corner of London Line and Forest Road.

Sunday, a car and a motorcycle collided at the intersection sending one person to hospital in serious condition.

There has been a number of accidents at the corner including one last year which killed a Watford man.

Napper says neighbours in the area, who respond to the accidents, have been calling asking for the county to do something to make the intersection safer. “These folks are getting quite concerned…my council will probably support what they’re saying,” says Napper. The mayor adds it’s very trying on the neighbours “because they’re the first ones there.”

“I don’t understand why there are accidents there; it’s an open intersection. I think what it is, is driver error a lot of the time,” Napper added.

There have been concerns voiced about the intersection at the county level before, however so far staff have not presented a report which might shed light on the problem.

Jason Cole, general manager of infrastructure and development says staff “is working with the OPP to see if there was any fundamental cause or reason” for the most recent accident, “that would support a singular action (by the roads department.) At this time we don’t have that to demonstrate.”

And officials say the intersection is up for renewal soon. “That stretch of London Line, where it transitions to Egremont Road is scheduled to have work done on it in the next two to three years. We’ll have an update on it in the fall,” says Matt Deline, the manager of public works.