Rain couldn’t have come at a better time says farm leader


The rain expected over the weekend is coming at just the right time according to one Lambton farm leader.

All of southern Ontario is under a rainfall advisory until Saturday. Environment Canada expects rain to be heavy at time with up to 50 mm at times.

The rain is comes after local conservation authorities declared a low water level 1 because the yearly trend of precipitation is 80 per cent of normal. It’s an early indication of potential ofd rough conditions.

“Most areas of Lambton are very, very dry,” says Kevin Marriott, Lambton’s Warden and a local director of the Grain Farmers of Lambton. He says while there will be several days in a row, it comes at just the right time.

“This is going to be a drought breaker,” he says.

Marriott says the forecast is calling for up to four inches of rain.

“I hope we max out over the weekend to about two inches (of rain) because any more than that is going to be a mess. Especially with the wheat coming on ..it’s going to be ready in two week. Thank God this isn’t coming two weeks from now because it would virtually ruin the wheat crop.”

Environment Canada expects the rain to continue off and on until Friday.