St. Clair Fire investigating oil tank explosion

St. Clair Fire Photo

Investigators from St. Clair Fire and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office are trying to find out what caused an oil tank to explode.

Firefighters were called to the corner of Brigden Road and Oil Springs Line Monday night around 9 pm. An oil tanker with about 150 barrels of oil in it had exploded near a well.

Fire officials in a post on social media say there was no fire or injuries but the oil spilled onto the ground. St. Clair Public Works staff brought in truck loads of sand to dam up the ditches.

The Ministry of the Environment was on the scene Tuesday to evaluate the spill and a clean up crew was to remove the oil from the ditches.

Investigators from the Fire Marshal’s office and St. Clair Fire were on the scene Tuesday. The owner was expected to hire a contractor to clean up the site once the investigation is complete.