Black bear seems to strike at Scout Camp near Pinery Park

Ruined beehives at the Scout Camp.

It seems the black bear roaming Lambton County found a tasty snack.

The beehives at Camp Attawandaron, the Scout Canada camp near Pinery Provincial Park sustained a lot of damage and nearby were some tracks which appeared to be from a bear.

While it hasn’t been confirmed to be the work of the black bear wandering around Lambton Shores and Plympton-Wyoming, Ministry of Natural Resources spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski says it is possible.

“That wouldn’t be surprising because that is one of their favorite things,” she says. “They love anything that smells good. And that can be garbage or that can be honeycombs, you know, it’s not that unusual.”

The MNR has had more than 16 sightings of the bear in June which apparently has made its way down to Lambton from the Bruce Peninsula. The bear has also been spotted in the Camlachie area.

Photo via Twitter A shot of the black bear roaming around Lambton, seen here near Camlachie.

Kowalski says that while it is unusual to see a black bear in this area, the MNR is not planning any extraordinary steps to get him out of the area.

“This bear seems to be very active and is getting into getting into trouble at various locations. I’m not sure if they can trap just him based on where this sort of the sightings have been. I got the sense that this bear was moving around a lot.”

Kowalski says the best option is for people to make sure they have nothing to eat, including bird feeders, pet food and garbage around to attract the bear.

Meantime, Imperial Oil which tweeted out about the damage at the Scout camp, says it will give the camp $5,000 for new bee hives and a place to store the beekeeping equipment.