First room renovations at Petrolia hospital complete


Bluewater Health is showing off the first of the newly renovated acute care beds at Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital in Petrolia.

Over the past five years, Bluewater Health has pumped $5.8 million into infrastructure upgrades at the hospital including a new boiler plant and electrical upgrades.

The second phase of the renovation is the acute care wing. The rooms had been semi-private with a shared bathroom and didn’t include a shower. They also didn’t meet accessibility standards.

The rooms are being renovated two at a time, and the first two rooms have been completed. They are now private rooms which are fully accessible.

“The newly renovated acute care rooms bring the rooms up to current day standards, improve patient privacy and access, as well as the overall patient experience” says Dr. Charles Winegard, Medical Director, Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health in a news release. “We are excited to see the beautiful results of infrastructure investments to our Petrolia hospital; updates our staff and patients can see and experience themselves.” 

When the rooms are completed, all will be private rooms. There will also be a dedicated palliative room and one ward room.