Plympton-Wyoming homeowners to get a more scenic view

The grass around storm water management ponds in Plympton-Wyoming, like this one in Sarnia, will look more park-like as town staff cuts the grass around them more often.

People living near storm water ponds in Plympton-Wyoming subdivision will notice town works staff coming around more.

Town council has agreed to increase the number of times it cuts the grass around the retention ponds after complaints from people living near them. Previously, the grass was being cut twice a year, leaving them “mosquito infested” according to Councillor Netty McEwen.

The storm water ponds are part of the drainage systems of the subdivision. When the developer is done building homes, the municipality takes over the maintenance of the land. Recently some neighbours of one of the ponds asked for the municipality to do more to keep the area attractive.

Mayor Lonny Napper understood how people in “million dollar homes” around the ponds would be frustrated. “Can we not put a little pride in these things when they’re turned over to us?” he asked when the matter was first discussed in early June.

Town staff says the ponds are not meant to be parks, so they were cut infrequently to discourage use.

Neighbours have been setting up chairs along the banks anyway.

Public works will cut the grass once a month. That will cost the town about $8,600.