Curb your enthusiasm; Petrolia considers rules limiting election signs


Petrolia is looking at limiting the number of election signs you can have on your front lawn.

The town is in the middle of planning for the 2022 election, working with other municipalities to find a company to help with the electronic portion of it.

But staff is also recommending councillors consider limiting the number of election signs which could be displayed by local homeowners. “What was directed to our attention during calls and feedback received throughout the previous session of federal, provincial and municipal elections, was that our bylaw does not reflect a limit to how many signs can be erected in a single location,” wrote Clerk Mandi Pearson in a report to council.

“The feedback received was that consideration should be given that there be a limit to one sign permitted per candidate, to be erected in any approved location.”

It’s not clear from the report how many people suggested the move.

A quick poll by The Independent shows only one Central Lambton municipality limits the number of election signs to be placed on a property. Warwick Township allows two on residential property and three on commercial property.

Councillors asked staff to suggest changes to the town’s election rules to bring to council for discussion.