Special meeting called on Petrolia’s staff/council relations


Petrolia councillors will meet privately Monday afternoon to talk about staff/council relations.

As previously reported by The Independent, investigator John Fleming was recently in town to speak with members of town staff and council after a conflict.

Sources tell The Independent that all members of council were interviewed by Fleming who previously provided a report to the town on another staff conflict which eventually lead to the departure of former CAO Manny Baron.

Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley has not comment on the investigation, saying the matter was dealt with behind closed doors., The Independent learned Fleming interviewed members of staff and council about a matter which was hashed over in a private meeting of council Sept. 13.

At that time, council met privately for over an hour. When the in camera meeting was done, the mayor reported publicly, according to the meeting minutes;

“Council was advised of a recent event regarding a staff/council relations concern. Mayor Loosley spoke to the concern. Council is reminded of the Council Code of Conduct and the staff/council relations policies in place. Our CAO will be reviewing policies and procedures with staff. Council have directed the CAO, who is ultimately responsible for staff to gather further information and report back to council when able.”

Monday’s meeting is private (in camera). It is unclear if the public will be informed about the friction between some staff and council members.