Water rate increase on the way in Dawn-Euphemia


Dawn-Euphemia residents are facing a water rate increase this coming year.

The township buys its water from Enniskillen, which purchases the water from the Town of Petrolia. Each year, a new rate is set for those buying the water by the town. Enniskillen informed the township recently that its cost to buy water is going up six cents per cubic meter starting Jan. 1.

That’s only part of the cost to run the water system.

Dawn-Euphemia will charge $3.09 per cubic meter, up from $2.95 this year.

Some of the money is put toward capital renewal projects and some goes to pay for increasing costs to operate the water system.

There will be no increase in the fixed billing rate which stands at $23 per bill.

Meantime, as water rates in Central Lambton are adjusted, the rural municipalities have once again agreed to partner with Petrolia to improve the system.

Petrolia has applied for grants to replace the pipeline which extends into Lake Huron at the Bright’s Grove plant.

The water intake had been repaired in 2017, however the town is now hoping to get federal and provincial grants to help pay for the $16.2 million grants.

The rural municipalities which use Petrolia’s water have supported the application. In the past, the town was able to secure funding for the water treatment plan, in part because its neighbours supported the move.

In the last five years, the treatment’s clear well has been upgraded and new reservoir tanks have been built on Confederation Road. The projects cost about $8.2 million and $2 million respectively.