OPP asks municipalities to share COVID cash


Lambton municipalities are looking for more information after the OPP’s police board asked for money to cover COVID-19 cleaning expenses.

Municipal governments pay the OPP for services. In Lambton, there are two extra offices that municipalities also provide cash to run. During the pandemic, Board Chair Murray Jackson writes, there were extra cleaning costs – although he doesn’t say how much.

board noted municipalities were given money from the upper levels of government and it asked they would considering giving some of the provincial money to the board to cover the deficit. That left Brooke-Alvinston Deputy Mayor Frank Nemcek confused.

“We paid $35 to $40,000 a month for policing but now they’re wanting to help clean the floors?” he asked noting COVID is “not our fault.”

Brooke-Alvinston, Plympton-Wyoming and Dawn-Euphemia have received the letter and want more information before replying.