St Pat’s student wins international environmental prize


A Sarnia teen has won an international environmental award in Stockholm.

Annabelle Rayson, a Grade 12 student at St. Pat’s, won the top prize at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Rayson’s project Plankton Wars examines ways to prevent algae blooms.

In presenting her with award, the panel of international judges in Stockholm called her research a “potential solution for a multi-faceted global problem” and declared that “the fight against harmful algae blooms and their detrimental affects has begun.”

Rayson accepted the award in person saying she was also honoured to “represent women and girls in STEM.

“Quite often we don’t see a lot of us out there. So I’m very proud to be standing up here to represent any little girl at home who dreams of having her own microscope and lab coat!”

Rayson comes back from Sweden this week and then leaves for the World Science Fair in the Netherlands.