Donald Campbell to appeal again for day parole

Brent, Alica and Joel Campbell with a picture of their mother, Fenny, who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 by her husband, Donald Wayne Campbell. He was turned down for day parole and unescorted temporary absences Thursday.

Donald Campbell is appealing a Parole Board of Canada ruling that has kept him in prison.

On the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada, Joel Campbell wrote on social media Donald Campbell – who murdered Joel’s mother, Fenny, in 1998, has appealed a bid for unescorted temporary absence and day parole and has been granted a new hearing Dec. 21.

Fenny Campbell

“This is a hard day for many, including our family as we remember the murder of our mother, Fenny Campbell, at the hands of her husband, Donald Campbell, in January of 1998. Today, our mother’s name will be acknowledged as part of memorial events across the country and Canadians will unite themselves in recognizing the immorality of violence against women, remembering the victims, and resolving to stand up against these heinous actions,” wrote Joel Campbell.

“Even as these events are occurring, our family is preparing to be re-victimized by a man who has acknowledged no responsibility for the brutal murder he has committed, displayed no recognition of the immense pain that he has caused so many, and expressed no remorse for the devastation he has left in the wake of his crimes.”

Joel Campbell says if he is successful, Donald Campbell would be transferred from prison to a halfway house where he would have unsupervised access to the community while seeking full parole. Donald Campbell has said he wants to live in Southwestern Ontario, likely Windsor-Essex. “At his first parole hearing this past spring, he showed absolutely no recognition of what he had done, no reaction to the many victims who shared powerful and heart-wrenchingly emotional victim impact statements, and no remorse whatsoever. And now he wants to be granted release into our communities, as an unapologetic, unchanged man.”

Joel Campbell says the family will continue to fight against his release adding; “Our family has gone through times of unimaginable pain and grief, and experienced an emptiness that cannot even be described. As a result of one man’s selfish actions, we were robbed, as children, of any sense of normalcy or stability. We did not get to have our mother present at our graduations, weddings, and other significant milestones. Our mother was denied the opportunity to hold or spend time with any of her grandbabies. Our lives were literally shattered because of the actions of one man.”

Joel Campbell says the family and friends will be at the Dec. 21 parole hearing and “will continue the fight for justice for our mother Fenny… It is our hope that justice will, yet again, prevail, and that Donald Campbell will remain in prison where he belongs.”

Campbell added he’s sharing on this National Day of Remembrance and Action “to create both support for our family and also awareness among communities in Southwestern Ontario, particularly the Windsor-Essex region, so that they are aware of the potential for this convicted murderer to be released into their communities.

“Please reach out to your local federal MPs, provincial MPPs, and municipal leaders to express your concern about this persistently remorseless offender’s potential release into the general public.

“We thank you all for your continued prayers, support, and positive thoughts as we navigate through these challenging times. “As long as we have breath, we will fight for justice for our mother who we love and miss so much, on this December 6, and always.”

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